Disclaimer for Flood-Inundation Maps

The flooded areas shown should not be used for regulatory, permiting, or other legal purposes. The University of Liverpool (as part of the ARCoES project) provide these maps and data "as-is" for a quick reference, decision support tool, but assumes no legal liability or responsibility resulting from the use of this information.

Uncertainties and limitations for use of flood-inundation maps

Although the flood-inundation maps represent the boundaries and depths of flood waters, some uncertainty is associated with these maps. The accuracy of the flood water depth and extent portayed on these maps will vary with the accuracy and resolution of the digital elevation models used to simulate the land surface. Additional uncertainties and limitations are described within ARCoES research papers. The flood maps were generated with LISFLOOD-FP inundation model and for a fuller description of how this particular numerical model performs you are advised to view the extensive documentation on the developers web site.