Hinkley Point

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Assessing long-term coastal flooding risk around Hinkley Point.

Hazard Ratings can be viewed with increasing EWLs and sea levels (0.0 m to 2.0 m in 10 cm increments, followed by 2.25 m to 2.5 m in 25 cm increments). The blanked out area near to Hinkley Point (shown within each scenario) is covered by existing pre-operational and operational safety cases.
Hinkley Point
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Note for above hazard maps: Hazard to People
Thresholds for Flood Hazard Rating
H = d (v +0.5) + DF
Degree of Flood Hazard Description
< 0.75LowCaution: Flood zone with shallow water or deep standing water
0.75 - 1.25Moderate Dangerous for some (i.e., children): Flood zone with deep or fast flowing water
1.25 - 2.0Significant Dangerous for most people: Flood zone with deep or fast flowing water
> 2.0Extreme Dangerous for all: Flood zone with deep or fast flowing water
Debris Factor (DF) · Flood depth (d) · Flood velocity (v)